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Zhejiang Yizhong Digital New Materials Co., Ltd.

Located in the Great Triangle Economic Development Zone of Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, the company introduced advanced coating production lines and production processes to create a new generation of high-performance digital heat transfer printing paper. The internal management of the company strictly controls the quality, and all aspects of the performance of the products have reached the advanced level in China. Adhering to the principle of "customer first" and "never give up", the company is determined to catch up with the first-class international level in the production of digital heat transfer printing paper.

1. Introduction of Heat Sublimation Transfer Paper

Thermal sublimation transfer printing is to use inkjet printer with thermal sublimation transfer ink to print on thermal sublimation transfer paper in mirror mode, and then heat it to about 200 C through thermal transfer equipment, so that the thermal sublimation ink on thermal sublimation paper infiltrates into the substrate, so that the color image on paper can be vividly transferred to textiles, ceramic cups, ceramic plates, ceramic plates, etc. A new process for metal and other materials.

2, characteristics

The main characteristics of heat sublimation transfer paper are clear image, bright color, no thickness, good handle, good color fastness, no falling off and cracking, and low price. It can be transferred to various chemical fiber fabrics. Suitable for sun umbrella, ribbon, advertising banner, mouse pad, clothing, flag, handbag, bag, shoes and hats, household accessories, handicraft, etc. (Patterns with high color reduction, high brightness, high transfer rate, fast drying, no feel, no sense of weight.)

3. Quality Criteria Transfer rate

Transfer rate is one of the basic properties of transfer paper, which distinguishes the characteristics of ordinary ink-jet paper. A good transfer rate can make the color of transfer material more brilliant and save ink.

Ink compatibility

As far as possible to adapt to a variety of transfer ink, so that the transfer paper coating on a variety of sublimation ink solubility appropriate, so that ink patterns in the transfer paper can be refined and not penetrate the coating on the paper to cause low transfer rate.

Drying speed

The fast drying speed undoubtedly makes it easy for users to use, and can facilitate continuous printing and improve delivery speed. Printing speed is also a parameter for transfer paper manufacturers to track the increasing printing speed of printers.

Dimensions and specifications:

Common Gramme Weight: 120 g, 100 g, 90 g, 80 g, 70 g, 60 g, 50 g

Common specifications: 1900 mm 1830 mm 1720 mm 1650 mm 1600 mm 1550 mm 1520 mm 1500 mm 1470 mm 1400 mm 1370 mm 1320 mm 1300 mm 1250 mm 1200 mm 1118 mm 1080 mm 980 mm 914 mm 850 mm 800 mm 750 mm 610 mm 550 mm 420 mm 300mm

Length of 100 meters to 1000 meters can be cut, special size we can tailor-made for you!

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